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What is TEPRA?

TEPRA Lite LR5E is a label printer that prints on special thermal tape, colored TEPRA Lite tape and Washi type coharu tape. Which tape is your favorite? Which icons would you use for an upcoming event? Which font goes well with your message?Find your favorite ideas, and DIY projects here!

7 fonts

Depending on the text size and/or font chosen, characters may overlap with the frame, text may become difficult to read, etc.

4 text sizes

Select different sizes, fonts, frames with an easy push of a button!

49 decorative frames

This product comes with a wide assortment of decorative frames for everything from personal to business use.

697 symbols and icons

Huge variety of picture icons available in various categories!

Fonts and Sizes

Fonts and sizes of TEPRA


Frames of TEPRA


Icons of TEPRA


What do you feel like making today? How would you like to use TEPRA Lite to decorate your life?

KING JIM's TEPRA Lite LR5E makes it fun to communicate and express yourself with cute personalized tape. Its unique thermal printing method makes printing possible only on TEPRA Lite tape and coharu tape, which will gradually fade, adding vintage taste.

Scrapbooking by TEPRA


Party Decoration by TEPRA

Party Decoration

Event Decoration by TEPRA

Event Decoration

Gift Wrapping by TEPRA

Gift Wrapping

Card Making by TEPRA

Card Making

Labeling by TEPRA


How to use

TEPRA Lite LR5E is the English Edition of TEPRA Lite. This printer has a special thermal printing method, which eliminates annoying ink changing and purchasing. This printer can print on TEPRA Lite tape and coharu tape. Choose the colors and designs that you like and let's start printing!

  • How to set of TEPRA

    1. Set

    When you first use TEPRA Lite LR5E, you need to insert four AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately). Then mount your favorite tape with its tip extended to the ▷◁ position. *Make sure the tape is facing the right direction, and do not remove the round base tape. Fit the cover into place until it snaps.

  • How to type and select fonts

    2. Type & Select

    Turn on the printer, and type whatever you want using letters and icons. Select font type/size, frame, and orientation for your purpose.

    *Press "ok" to confirm your frame and icons. For fonts and orientation, the last type you see on the screen is automatically selected.

  • How to print tape

    3. Print

    Press "Print" to print.
    *Do not touch or pull the tape while printing. If you try to cut the tape during printing, the tape might jam.

  • How to cut tape

    4. Cut

    Press the "PUSH" buttom on the top to cut the tape.
    *Do not try to pull out the tape.

  • How to stick tape

    5. Stick

    On the back side of the tape, there is a dotted cut line in the middle, where you can easily remove the sticker paper. From here on, it's your sense of creativity!

  • Please


Product No. LR5E (Blue) LCD 8 characters x 1 line
Decorative frames 49 types Printing method thermal printing
Fonts 7 types Printer thin-film thermal printhead
(64 dots at 180 dpi)
Text size 4 sizes (XL, L, M, S) Max. printable width approx. 9.0 mm
Cutter manual cutter Internal character data 759 characters
(62 English characters, 697 symbols)
Power source AAA alkaline batteries x 4
(sold saparately)
Max. character input 62
Product dimensions 90 x 115 x 37 mm Lines printable 1
Weight approx. 195g
(not including batteries)
Text direction 2 types (horizontal and vertical)

* TEPRA Lite tape and coharu tape are sold saparately.


LTEPRA Lite LR5E can print on special thermal tape: colored type TEPRA Lite tape and designed washi type coharu tape. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs to match your projects!

TEPRA Lite tape and coharu tape are made of thermal paper. The following actions may cause the printed content to fade or damage the surface of the tape: Exposing it to direct sunlight or strong light sources, leaving it in high temperatures or high humidity environments, rubbing it with hard objects or against a different surface, or touching it with lotioned hands.

Specification and design may change without any prior notice.

TEPRA Lite tape
Tapes of TEPRA
Coharu film tape of TEPRA Lite
Using Scene of Coharu tape: kitchen bottles
Using Scene of Coharu tape: kitchen bottle
Using Scene of Coharu tape: rappinge
Using Scene of Coharu tape: bath bottles

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